We’re challenging outdated music industry norms & giving power back to creators, with fair deals, unparalleled support, expertise & a belief that an artist’s rights to their music & creative control should never be compromised!

Who are we

High Performance Records (HPR)

Earn royalties from over 150+ music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, Pandora, Tidal, Audiomack, Pars Music & more!

Never worry about having to pay per release ever again! Distribute as many singles and albums as you want, when you want. Never put a barrier to your creativity and keep dropping music!

Collaborate with other artists, producers, engineers, labels, managers, publishers and easily add their splits to the tracks and albums you release. We will automatically pay them when your releases earn money!

High Performance Records (known as “HP Records” or “HPR”) will keep your dashboard up-to-date with weekly sales trends from the top platforms. Know when and where your music is heating up!

Distribute your music worldwide and keep 100% of the earnings we collect for you!

What we do

Label Services

With a global reach and decades of experience & expertise across music industry, we are passionate about supporting artists & labels we believe in.

  • Chart Success
    Over 35 Top 40, Billboard & worldwide chart hits with independent artists to date.
  • Tools & Tracking
    Access to chart registration, pre-order options, sales tracking & trending reports.
  • Music Videos
    Partner with YouTube & VEVO to successfully distribute & promote videos.
  • Music Publishing
    We track, collect & pay all of music publishing royalties to you across all platforms.
  • Sync Licensing
    Our team pitch music to film & TV production companies, ad/media agencies & more.
  • Global Presence
    By allocating teams with valuable connections to local music networks.
How it works

Heard & Seen by HP Records

Playlists & Placements

We’ve helped artists all over the world secure inclusion on major playlists across Spotify, Apple Music and more, as well as prominent features on the biggest stores. Spotify's Editorial lists are carefully curated by Spotify editors from around the globe. Editorial playlists such as New Music Friday, Pop Brandneu, Teardrop, New Pop have anywhere from 10,000 to 20,000,000 followers and posses the ability and user engagement to literally make or break a single, which gives the opportunity to artists to be discovered & connect with their potential target audience. We often see many projects who's credibility is judged by the amount of streams & followers they have, therefore it's imperative that Spotify Playlist Promotion is a key part of any release strategy in the modern music industry.

Fairer Deals

We believe in making the music industry fairer for everyone and we’re passionate about artists’ rights. Whether you're an artist or a label, we guarantee you'll keep 100% of the rights to your music and the largest share of royalties will always go straight into your pocket. We only profit when you succeed.

Release Strategy

We’ve managed successful release strategies for artists all over the world, incorporating press, social media, radio plugging and more to help maximise sales and hype around releases. Our passionate & experienced digital music marketing team bring to the table, years of proven strategies, existing relationships within the music industry & editorial know-how which enables us to:
- Use modern digital marketing strategies to promote your music across multiple platforms.
- Leverage existing relationships to get your music into commercial streaming sites.
- Efficiently scale the organic growth in a way that is measurable with a real ROI.
- Connect you with the demographic, geographic & psychographic who are most likely to take an interest in your music & convert into highly engaged fans & followers.

Money When You Need It

We understand how important cash flow can be for rising independent artists & labels, so you’ll get access to fast, direct royalty payments paid straight into your bank account.

Video Monetisation

Music video distribution, management and monetisation across Vevo & YouTube is available to all clients. We also pitch artists for prominent music video promotional placements, to increase exposure and publicity across the platforms.

Account Management

Every client will benefit from the support of our dedicated team, who work closely with each artist or manager to make sure all aspects of your campaign, from planning to promotion to release, goes as smoothly and successfully as possible.

Creative Studio

Our graphic design team has you covered when it comes creating artwork, social media content and more. Whether you already have ideas in mind or you’re looking for a little more inspiration, they’re experts in creating eye-catching designs to help artists stand out.

Catalogue Management

We can release, promote and manage catalogues of all sizes, making sure that rights holders get their music into new regions and onto major platforms all over the world. We’ll take care of all the admin, as well as collect and pay out your royalties quickly.

We release music to an extensive range of music platforms, stores, social media networks and more. Follow the link below to view a full list of platforms available through our distribution service.

Publishing & Sync

Every time your music is streamed, performed live or broadcast on TV, radio & other types of media, you should be receiving extra royalty payments. HPR Music Publishing will register, track, claim and collect ALL of the royalties you’re owed across the globe. No matter where in the world your music is used, we’ll make sure you get paid.

We pitch your music to film & TV production companies, advertising agencies and more.

We collect and pay every type of publishing royalties whenever your music is used across the globe. We do the hard work to collect your Mechanical, Performance, YouTube, Sync and Neighbouring Rights Royalties.

Our portfolio

Artists & Labels

At HP Records we create a bespoke campaign to suit our clients’ needs, as there should never be a ‘one size fit’s all’. We pride ourselves on transparency and reliability, so whether you’re in need of a single release strategy or a fully targeted digital music marketing campaign to blow up your new track – we are here for you! With a vast amount of industry experience, contacts and knowledge, HP Records is passionate about helping you reach your goals, elevating your story and achieving the highest levels of success for you and your project.

With over 150 editorial playlists under our team belt for independent artists alone, we are certain that ‘DSP’ play-listing is one of the most important activities to determine the success of an artist in the modern music industry. Our specialist pitching service ensures organic and algorithmic growth across Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal & Deezer, providing the best chance of editorial placement and success.

Our passionate & experience digital music marketing team bring to the table, years of proven strategies, existing relationships within music industry and ‘digital know-how’. We specialise in driving organic traffic, maximising conversions & engagement via social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube & TikTok to reach millions.

Going round in circles with your project? Unsure of which single to release next or how to actually build an engaged following who will become loyal & captivated fans? We create unique, goal driven campaign strategies in a number of key areas to help you connect with your target audience & grow your project organically at an explosive rate.

Using our well respected and proven ‘In-Store’ service, we create high impact campaigns aiming to place your track inside the stores of some of the world’s biggest retail and leisure brands, including Topshop, JD Sports, Nike, Superdry, Costa Coffee, Subway, Starbucks and many more.

Our Superstars

We work with independent artists globally.

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