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We’re a first class full service artist management & music marketing serving a global roster of Pop, Electronic, DJs, Rock & Fusion. At our core, we create, develop, market & expand the business model of artists at all career levels.

Who are we

High Performance Records (HPR)

HP Records is a first class full service artist management and music marketing serving a global roster of Pop, Rock, Electronic, DJs, Folk, Fusion, Latin, Persian & more!

High Performance Records (known as “HP Records” or “HPR”) focuses on managing top tier talent and some of the biggest global artists from the music community. At our core, we create, develop, market and expand the business model of artists at all career levels. As a full-service company, HPR brings together years of experience, a strong partnership with the label, personalized marketing campaigns, and talented team members to establish lasting partnerships between the artists and the entertainment industry across the board.

We are constantly creating and reinventing with the artists, discovering and cultivating new musical talents, and setting trends in the international market.

What we do

HPR Power

We specialize in the exclusive booking of shows & brand management for our roster, ensuring consistent economic & strategic growth for the artists.

  • Management
    We are committed to helping artists forge distinctive careers as concert and recording artists
  • Collaborations
    We work on special projects that involve a different engagement from our normal services.
  • Tours
    We develop and deliver tours for prestigious clients across classical, world music, dance and theatre.
  • Sponsorship
    We develop business relationships with companies who deliver commercial and PR rewards for both parties.
  • Consulting
    We offer decades of experience & expertise within music production, promotion and PR.
  • Promotion
    HP Records offers unique marketing & PR strategies to obtain greatest expansion and exposure for the artists.
Our Artists

International Artist Management
has always been the core of our business.

Our portfolio

Bookings & Brands

We work with a wide range of cultural institutions to help them develop exciting content, realise innovative projects and formulate creative responses to the challenges they face. Our relationships with promoters are characterised by trust, integrity and partnership. Drawing upon a wealth of experience and expertise across the company – including artistic planning, tour and project management, marketing, sponsorship, strategic, financial and organisational planning and structuring – we put together a bespoke team for each project to work in partnership with all stakeholders to set out objectives and deliver real change. We are specialized in the exclusive booking of shows and brand management for our roster, ensuring consistent economic and strategic growth for the artists. From ticket sales to merchandising deals, we look for any and every opportunity that will grow our artist’s impact in the world of entertainment. Here are the key services that we offer, often in combination:

Comprehensive artistic programming support, including concept and project development; sourcing artists and curators-in-residence; new programming strands; multi-genre projects; co-productions and reciprocal residencies.

Long-term international touring strategy development for major orchestras, ensembles, theatre and dance companies covering key venues, festivals and presenters on a global scale.

Robust business plans that achieve long-term growth & expert guidance on organisational & governance structures.

Support on fundraising and sponsorship strategy development and implementation, at all stages of the process.

Marketing and communications strategy including digital, branding, promotions, website services, content generation, audience development and media partnerships. Advice and support on negotiation and business practices across different cultures. Support and advice on realising and implementing digital initiatives.

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